Poem: Breakfast?

I've always wanted to eat breakfast with someone. Maybe one day.

Helpful: Coming Out As Gay Hardships

"Why do people make such a big deal about coming out of the closet?" Because it's hard. That's why. While some people have it easy and try to globalize the idea that it is a simple process, it just isn't a black and white kind of topic. And using "it's 2018" is not an argument. ...

Poem: Soot

It was morning. I have just woken up from a nightmare. The sun through my window blinds me, so i shut them. The only noise is distant cars on free ways, Driving to work, school, friends, That time of day where you have to be somewhere. I settle here, my hands and insides black and ...

Poem: Simple Questions To Make You Think

Questions that make you feel vulnerable.

Poem: Lost Memories

And life kept moving forward. Digestive system of rich fiber Water draining out rusty pipes Life just keeps moving... And I'm eating cockroaches I said... I said NO ONES LISTENING I can feel the cockroaches biting my cheeks Hissing in my ears I said can you hear me? Hear me eating cockroaches Monsters of boily ...