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A post about a story. Could be fiction or non fiction. Purely meant for entertainment.

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Chapter 4: Thankfully, One Year Later

It has been a year already since I lost my job, and my home. I didn’t lose it to anything I couldn’t control. I lost it to the storm of my inner conflict. And while such things are always upsetting, and people will say their sorries and sympathize, I just have to remind myself that I deserved everything that happened to me. Not because I’m a terrible person or anything like that. But because I was stuck. I was stuck in pit of tar that was mixed with depression, confusion, glue, and laziness. Losing everything felt like the only life saver I could grab onto. So I did just that, I lost everything. 

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Chapter 3: Mystery At The Supermarket

I’m on my way to buy groceries. I would prefer to just stay in and have my food delivered, but I’ve heard from my parents, friends, articles, nutritions, co workers, and god himself that buying groceries is better for you and your wallet. I don’t have a car so I hate having to go buy groceries for the week and carry them back. I do try and keep a positive outlook though. I’m always hoping I will be like in the movies where me and someone attractive are both in the same aisle and fall madly in love over a box of Little Debbies. Wish me luck!

Chapter 1: Strong Arms, Weakling

I’ve always thought highly of men with muscle bodies. Men with muscles that could feed a country, made like if god had a PhD in Sculpting. Muscles that took so much effort and pain to create, the same way a baby is made when it is still in it’s moms belly. Powerful these guys are in my head. I’m jealous of them sometimes because I feel they have ascended the world I live in and have reached a whole new peak of the human experience that I have yet to see.