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Chapter 8: Last Minute Lunar

February 11th, 2018 - February 17, 2018 Only a couple interesting things happened this week. Valentine memes. While nothing exciting happened on Valentines, for me anyways, its still a fun day to observe. Just by going on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you start to see some of the best memes of single losers everywhere. Below ...

Helpful: Spoken Word Poets That Inspire Feelings

Slam poetry. Anger, realization, and depression the main themes. Spoken word is a reminder of how much you can learn when you listen.

Poem: Camera

Inspired by the poem Mirror by Sylvia Plath.

Examine Bride & Prejudice: Gay Man Rejected By Parents

I've been seeing this video going around Facebook and popping everywhere on my Youtube. It is a small excerpt from the show "Bride & Prejudice". I have never seen this show but a quick Google search states "The program follows couples planning to wed, but whose family disapprove of their relationship." And as you can ...

Helpful: Calm Down From Anxiety

As someone who has suffered from anxiety attacks since they were a teenager, I have learned a few ways to help stay and remain calm. While none of these tricks will cure an anxiety disorder, being able to manage it can help on your road to recovery. Also, if you have any tricks you use ...