About Me


Oh hi~
My name is @%@$!&, but people online call me Februarys.
I am in my twenties, and have lived in San Francisco, CA since I was 13.

I grew up in California and have lived here my entire life. Although I do plan to change that later this year, for now this is my home. I think growing up in such a diverse environment, I have gotten to learn about so many ideas and different perspectives on current event issues. I have been working in the tech field full-time, but have always wanted to be a writer/art critic. With the income from working in tech, I decided to invest in my own blog to go into a few of my favorite topics.
BOOM! FebruarysBlog was created.

Some more background on me:

I’m full Mexican. My family is from the beautiful city of Monterrey.

Yes, I am gay. Not like it matters, but just to put it out there.

I am a Program Manager and have been managing programs for 4 years now. The job also requires some event planning to be done. My job has opened a lot of opportunities and experiences for me. As someone who grew up in poverty, it’s awesome that I get to try a part of San Francisco that I never saw possible for myself. The city has gone from me hanging out in alley ways, to now having access to professional events held through out there city.

About The Blog & Schedule

The blog will be separated into 3 main segments. Chapters, Examines, and Reviews.

Chapters, will be the lifestyle part of the blog. Just going into details of my week, what I did, and overall reactions. Doing event planning, and attending events creates a lot of fun scenarios that an Instagram picture can’t justify. Will be posted every Monday evening PST.

Examines & Reviews, I’m into analyzing art for deeper meanings. It’s been a hobby of mine since I was a kid. I enjoy seeing someone’s work and find what their vision was for their work. Will be posted every Wednesday evening PST.

Polaroids & Poems, will be posted freely.

If you have any suggestions, let me know using the form below! :)

Love~ Februarys


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Peace and love <3