Update: March 2018

Update: March 2018

Happy March!

I want to start by saying sorry to everyone who got offended by the Suicide post. I lost a few readers after it was posted, and I 100% understand why. It was in no way to point fun at people’s experiences. It was to spread awareness about mental illness. People think of mental illness as an excuse, or something people say, but actually seeing it can change your mind. It is serious. And it is preventable.

Thank you to everyone who has stayed with me this far! You’re the best & I love you. No homo~

I wasn’t able to write TOO much in February, and that sucks. IDEALLY, I wanted to write about the book Salo, but the book is super long and it is taking me forever to finish reading.
On top of that, I wanted to post other pieces that also require some form of research + editing. And work & social life always get in the way of hobbies.

For March, I’m dropping anything that involves reading a book.
It just takes so much time. If I ever over-obsess over a book, I might write about it. Hopefully it’s a short book.

Lots of Fashion shows have happened recently, and I of course want to review a few. I always love over analyzing art, and fashion shows definitely have a lot of inspiration behind them.

I’m dropping having a set schedule for posting. I tried it out, and it sucks. I already have my work scheduled, and I do a lot of scheduling for work, and having to do it for my real life hobby made it overwhelming. So maybe just a goal of at LEAST one post every week is a more achievable goal.

Again, I’m always open to feedback, so feel free to send me some using the form in my About Me.

Thanks again for the love and support! xoxoxoxoxoxooxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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