Helpful: Spoken Word Poets That Inspire Feelings

Slam poetry. Anger, realization, and depression the main themes. Spoken word is a reminder of how much you can learn when you listen.

Totally Like Whatever, You Know? by Taylor Mali

Taylor Mali performing a poem about people who sound uncertain when speaking. After his performance, you will start to notice people add question marks to the end of every statement when they speak. His sassy tone creates a comedic piece with depth.

I have nothing personally invested in my own opinions, okay?
I’m just inviting you to join me in my uncertainty?

I Know You Didn’t Mean To Kill Him by Jasmine Mans

One of the more aggressive poets, Jasmine Mans touches on black America struggles and media. Her poetry could lead a revolution with the amount of truth that comes from her words. Jasmine speaks about black on black crime in this piece, and the aftermath it brings to her community.

Because the nurse cut right through his polo shirt, like:
Motherfuck yo fly, I’m tryin to keep you alive!
I’m gonna be the one whose gotta tell your mother you just died!

The Loneliest Sweet Potato by Sabrina Benaim

A simple poem about depression. Depression is a common theme among most poets, and Sabrina communicates it softly in her poem about her at the grocery store. While simple, she is able to paint a picture of someone who appears well on the outside, but tragic on the in. 

Goodbye is the saddest word i know,
The saddest word you know is my name. 

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