Update: Happy February! 2018

Yes of course I had to post on the first day of February!
The funny thing, my birthday is not in February. People ask me that all the time. I just thought the name Februarys had a nice ring to it.
Plus, it is the month of love and romance. And if you have been following me thus long, you might have noticed that I love the color pink. The color pink is one that contrast its meanings.
It can be innocent and young, or sexual and alluring.
There are lots of reasons to love the month of February, but I love it most of all because it is what I’m known as. My online community know me by Februarys, it is my persona after all. And even though I’m not a woman, I like the femininity and playfulness that comes along with the name.

Some updates!
In January, the blog hit over 1000 views! Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by to take a look. I hope you were able to take something away from here and carry it with you.

The blog also hit 50 subscribers!
Thank you for helping the site grow and for wanting to return!

Plan to kick off a new series this month: Examine.
Examine will focus on real life art pieces, people, or mysteries from around the world. It will give in depth detail on themes, symbolism, history, logic, and overall theory. A hobby of mine has been to research a bunch of topics to get a full understanding before moving onto the next thing.
Some examples of Examined pieces will be:
Salo – The banned 1960s film based off the 1700s novel
Elisa Lam – Mysterious death in Los Angles
Yume Nikki – First ever dream genre video game
Perfect Blue – Psychological horror anime symbolism
Black Swan – Psychological horror film symbolism
The Vivian Girls – Outsider art from the 15,145-page novel
Genie – Feral young girl isolated from society
Sentinelese – Modern day islanders who reject modern society
These are just a few ideas of the kind of topics we will go into together. Some of these topics will be on the darker side, but I will try to lighten up the mood as we go along. You’ll be fascinated by the amount of beauty there is around us and in media.

To lighten up the blog a bit, I will also occasionally be posting poems, advice pieces, and Top List as we go to bring some cheer and positive energy.

Consider this an early Valentines Day when I say I love you all~

  1. i like alluring girls with colour pink before seeing their pink O.O


    1. Thanks for the comment!

      I think? lol


  2. Check out this bizarre Elisa Lam coincidence –


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