Month: February 2018

Examine: Satanism

A short summary of the taboo religion Satanism, and what philosophies we can learn from them.

Chapter 8: Last Minute Lunar

February 11th, 2018 - February 17, 2018 Only a couple interesting things happened this week. Valentine memes. While nothing exciting happened on Valentines, for me anyways, its still a fun day to observe. Just by going on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you start to see some of the best memes of single losers everywhere. Below ...

Helpful: Spoken Word Poets That Inspire Feelings

Slam poetry. Anger, realization, and depression the main themes. Spoken word is a reminder of how much you can learn when you listen.

Poem: Camera

Inspired by the poem Mirror by Sylvia Plath.

Examine Bride & Prejudice: Gay Man Rejected By Parents

I've been seeing this video going around Facebook and popping everywhere on my Youtube. It is a small excerpt from the show "Bride & Prejudice". I have never seen this show but a quick Google search states "The program follows couples planning to wed, but whose family disapprove of their relationship." And as you can ...