Poem: Lost Memories

And life kept moving forward.
Digestive system of rich fiber
Water draining out rusty pipes
Life just keeps moving…

And I’m eating cockroaches
I said…

I can feel the cockroaches biting my cheeks
Hissing in my ears
I said can you hear me?
Hear me eating cockroaches

Monsters of boily green
And ass brown roaches
Filling me, making me mean

Legs stuck in my teeth
And sound stuck in my temples
Im eating cockroaches
Its all I can eat
It is all monsters feed me

Stuck in the trash
Eating their crap
This is monster land
And I can’t see

This is the end of days
Where no one hears what no one says

Monsters and cockroaches they creep in the cheapness
Not paying attention
All fulfilling
All competing
It makes me see
Making me feel unclean

And I can’t get rid of the dirt.


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  1. Are you writing from the perspective of an animal that eats cockroaches?


    1. I wish. Its more like an internal monologue. I felt this while I was out at a corporate event with a bunch of other people in the company. I felt like no one was listening because all my ideas weren’t as great or inferior.


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