Chapter 6: Three Way Monologue

I didn’t plan to be there or what to expect,
But Fate had invited me and I cave in.
Fate then flipped my coin, two men my prizes.
Heads side I trust, tails side I’ve never met.
They both took my bets, and tossed it in the air
Landing between our shoes, pants, wrappers, and bed.

Head side, an old friend
He knew my name, wants, stale boring routine nights

Tail side brought excitement, the new amusement ride
His chest hair, the seatbelt I will hold on with one hand

That night, the three of us were water and oil
Tails and I are oil, Heads is our water.
When he floated up, he left more wanting more as I sunk.
Dancing and spreading in two and back into one,
The heat from his body keeping us from staying the same.
Immune to the water surrounding us, oil stays together.

Heads side, The selfie I never used.
He was the one who invited me, but who is he again

Tails side, I called him Daddy,
And Daddy loved me all night, until I no longer was his

Explosions and fireworks later, my fate has landed
Tails no longer needing me, leaves.
Heads side, now neglecting me points to the front door.
I don’t bother to see what side my coin landed,
No need to see head and tail flips without no more prizes.
Excitement of gambling and shame of defeat, I withdraw home.

My walk is again solo on a linear road
Constantly gambling for things with made up names,
I’m always forgetting what I could be to someone,
And I leave behind a smile and take my blame.

  1. Thats not nice >:l


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