Chapter 2: The Haunted House

This Halloween, I accidentally walked into a haunted house. I didn’t want to go there but I didn’t know where else to go. I had to compare, what is scarier, staying out here in the outside world, or going in there. So I opened the door and struggled in.

The room was all dark, and it looked like there was no one there. While I waited for my eyes to get use to the dark, I reached out my hands to see if someone would please reach out and guide me to somewhere where I can see everything I had in front of me. But nothing reached out to grab me. I had to find my way through this dark room all alone. I took my jacket off and threw it where ever it felt like going, and i grabbed onto the walls looking to see if there was an outlet anywhere. Finally, I found the switch, but I decided not to turn it on. If there was something else in this room, I wouldn’t want it to see me. I had a better chance of sneaking past whatever was waiting for me if we both had a handicap.

This haunted house wasn’t very big, but it was still frightening. I finally could make out a huge white square in the dark an figured that could be a kitchen. I walked into the room to see if there was a something to fight off whatever demons may be haunting this dark cold place. All I could see on the counter was empty Folger containers, pizza boxes, unclean dishes, and notes on the fridge that today would be a great day. Don’t see why people say this place is haunted, seemed more like a lazy person just lived here and was over caffeinated.

I started to hear a noise coming from behind me. I quickly sat on the floor as to keep myself from making any sudden movements that would give away my position. My eyes were still not use to the dark so it was hard to see if there was anything out there. I sat there in the corner of the kitchen and just waited until it went away Everything that was scary about this place just please go away and leave me alone. I’m just looking for some place to be warm, I don’t need everything around me haunting me right now.  I just need to find somewhere safe where I can wait until it is daytime and finally be on my way out of this miserable cold place.

After I thought the coast was clear, I got up from the corner, and made my way back out into the dark room. I thought I should just go back outside, it would be safer there. I made my way through a door, that I thought was the exit, and it was another dark room. This dark room was different though.

as I walked into the room, the main difference I noticed was the two windows that were open that let the moon light in. I looked around the room and saw the moonlight shining on top of heaps of clothes and pencils and pens all over the floor. If this house had any form of haunting, it would be a poltergeist. This room looked like it use to be livable, a place that was once someones home. But now, a ghost has came and kicked anyone who use to live here out and made it their own. Part of me felt that I should leave before the ghost came to bother me, but another part of me didn’t care. It was way to scary and cold out there in the world, that maybe being in here with a ghost wasn’t all that bad. No one ever saw either of us, so we already had a lot in common.

I reached my hand out again to see if someone would grab it and show me where to go, again I was met with nothing. My hand clutching onto the cold wind that the window was inviting into this place. I took my shoes off, and closed the door behind me. I’ll rest here for now. This room might not be the best place to be in for too long, but it would have to do for now. I found a chair in the room, moved all the junk that was on the seat, and sat there to observe.

How can someone live like this?

I looked out the window and could hear nothing but cars driving on a freeway. White noise of living so close to the city. There was no other sound in the room.

Nothing was alive in here.

Finally I decided to get some rest. The moon shined on this huge black square in the middle of the room, must be a bed under all this clothes. I moved it all to the ground and laid in the bed. I could feel food crumbs on my bare arms, quarters jamming into my thighs, and pillows scattered everywhere. But I was too lazy to care too much about it now. I just needed rest.

I closed my eyes and sunk into the dark mattress and felt warm and safe. Nothing could get me here. No ghost, no demons, no responsibilities, nothing. I left the room around me stay behind as I fell deep into vast empty space and nothingness. This is the way it should always be. Just falling endlessly, at least if you’re always falling, you’ll never be at rock bottom. Nothing could get me here. I was out of reach from the haunted house, it couldn’t scare me anymore. Only thing keeping me away from anything that could scare me is the thin skin between my eyes and the rest of the world. How I wished every moment was like this.

Even though nothing had no arms, I could feel it holding me close and keeping me safe. It was the only thing that ever reached back out to me when I reached out my hand. It was always there for me.

The next day, I woke up in my room, never realizing that I am haunting my own apartment.

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