“Hi my name is Februarys and I’ll be your tour guide today through the underworld!”

I looked around to see where I was. I was in a dimmed lit room that looked like a lobby, and in front of me was a girl dressed all in black. She had pale skin, long black hair and bangs with green eyes. She had on a cute tiny black hat on top of her head. I think this was her work uniform. But where am I? And where did she come from? The underworld?

“Before we begin your tour, mind telling me your name? These tours are always more fun when we get to know each other a little better. Then it becomes more like two friends hanging out rather than work. And since today’s group is just you, might as well become friendly as possible right? So, what is your name?”

My name is Alexander. But my friends call me Alex. Who are you? Where are we?

“Nice to meet you Alexander. You are in the underworld. This place is for those who have transcended from the mortal realm and will begin their transition into this dimension. This place has many names depending on where you are from. I believe your world called it ‘hell’. As for who I am, My name is Februarys. I’m just a simple girl trying to make a living as a tour guide. I help guide those on their first day to ensure they have a memorable first day and answer any questions they may have.”

Hell….? How did I end up in hell? Does this mean I died? And if I did, I shouldn’t be in hell! I’m a Catholic. I worshiped God every single day! I devoted my life to him. There is no possible way I ended up here in hell! This is a mistake! Please return me at once!

“I’m sorry Alexander but this is no mistake. I have your name registered right here on this badge I created for you for your first day. I simply asked for your name because it is just a bit more friendly to get to know each other if I pretend this is the first time I knew of you. Haha but this is great~! This is why we created this newcomer program! A lot of people are always confused on their first day here in the underworld. So our company has created this tour guided experience to help you in your acceptance. I’m here to clear up any confusion you may have on why you are here. I guess you can say I’m the answer. The answer on your fate here in the underworld.”

So…why am I here? I worshiped God till the very end!

“Well, those who come to the underworld aren’t picked because of who they worshiped. Your planet, Earth, has a few wacky theories on what the underworld actually is. As we go on this tour, I’ll give you a full explanation of the selection process, as well as all of our fun facilities we have here! Just let me know when you are ready to accept your fate and we can get started!~” ¬†she said this as she walked over to what looked like an elevator.

This can’t be happening! What about my family?!?! My work?!?! MY LIFE! All gone…. This has to be a joke… this Februarys person must be pulling a trick on me… But I still have no idea where I am… Should I go with her? I’ve never seen this office before. And she keeps saying “your world”. What does she mean by that?

I feel like crying. Could I really be in hell? Even if I think she is pulling a trick on me, I have no choice at this point but to play along. That elevator looks like the only way out of this room…



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