My Obsession With Time Science

I’ve always been obsessed with the topic of time. I even come up with wacky theories on what time actually is. I’ll write some crazy theories in the future (see what I did there), but for now, I’ll just go into short detail on why I find time such an intimate topic.

Time is what governs our entire lives. Every moment in our day is a moment that we give a part of ourselves to times power. We gain new friends over time, and lose loved ones with it as well. Slowly we walk away from our past to continuously chase our future. Sometimes, we can stop moving to the future by focusing too much on the past. And sometimes, we forget our past because we are so focused on moving forward.

  1. 1.
    the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.

We as humans have been able to devise a way to measure these moments using the Earth’s rotation. It takes one year for Earth to circle the sun, one year is devised of 365 days. Days are devised of 24 hours, which is how long it takes for the Earth to spin 180 degrees. With this data, we can now measure moments with dates such as, when you were born. You were born in the specific moment of time. But the crazy part here is, you were born in that moment of Earth time. How are moments measured outside of Earth? These questions are what make me so fascinated by what time actually is. Is time even real, or a social construct?

When I was debating with my friend about what time is, she mentioned that time is real the only humans and no one else. We have deadlines, we count our days, we fear our age, we want to go back to the past. Maybe time isn’t even a true reality, but maybe just a human concept. And just how we track time using dates, can we also capture time using light in photographs?

How would time traveling even work? Is time a physic, an art, or a theory? So many questions that make me love time.

What do you think about time? Do you have enough time?

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