I’ve lately started to experiment with enjoying the night life alone here in the city that I live in. I got fed up with people flaking or plans never going through. And I thought that once the group cancels on you, you can no longer go out either. That is not the case. While getting social anxiety might make you avoid going out alone, just remember to always assume best intentions.


You might feel like a freak when you go to a bar and sit down and buy yourself a drink. You may think that a group of people who are watching you are passing judgement and calling you names. But maybe they are talking about how they want to come talk to you, or compliment you, or get to know who you are. Assume the best intentions of other people when you are out alone. Assume that they don’t see you the way your anxiety sees you and that they want to be a part of your moment.


While you are sitting there drinking your cocktail and the music is playing loudly, look around at who is there and alone. You may make eye contact with an individual and think they are getting annoyed that you are staring. But assume the best intentions, that maybe they want to see why you aren’t talking to anyone else and if they can join you. Be part of the shared existence you share with this stranger.


Go alone onto the dance floor and just let your inhibitions go into the music. If you start to think that anyone is watching you and thinking you looking silly, try to imagine instead that they want to join you. The experience your currently having is yours, and think the absolute best about the people around you.

Artist: Hisashi Eguchi

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