Satanism: The Worship Of The Self

First let me be clear and say, I am not Satanic, nor do I practice the Satanic religion. As your librarian, it is my job to bring you information on different topics and point of views. Because the world doesn’t just exist through our own minds, it exist in our fellow neighbors mind as well. The more open we are to listening to others, the more we can see the world through different perspectives from other cultures.



You may be surprised to read that Satanism does’t actually worship Satan. When doing my research on who Satanism worship, I found it interesting on who they decided to be their god. For their god isn’t actually a deity, it is themselves. For only we as individuals have full control over our destiny. We as people create gods with the power of imagination, we create life through the power of our bodies, and we make great changes through the power of unity. With so much pressure being applied to people to worship deities or celebrities, I find this philosophy refreshing. Celebrities being adorned with mansions and diamonds, the pope being sponsored to live in a palace, and both making very little change in our daily lives. This individual worship is what strikes me the most from this religion. The worship of you.┬áSatanism is all about defeating the herd mentality. They promote self-thought and decisions in our daily lives. By just even reading this, it makes me believe the only real evil Satanism brings is against consumerism. .


Satan As A Symbol

While Satanism do not worship Satan, they do believe in him being the true creator of the universe. For Satan is the embodiment of darkness in the world. Before life, after death, and even the universe itself is all darkness. The world is already filled with violence, suffering, and strife that is all characteristics of Satan. But with free will given to people by Satanism, we can overcome these obstacles in the cycle of life. Darkness also is the right side and the Yin of Yin-yang. Since Satan is a symbol of darkness, people tend to push that side away from their lives bringing great imbalance in them spiritually. Satan is a symbol of individualism.Satan is about accepting all for who they are, and guiding them to follow natural law of life. And since Satanism is a live and let live type of religion, it makes sense as to why they picked Satan as a symbol for their religion and beliefs.


My Thoughts And Cites

I’m not a religious person, so I could never follow a group of people’s beliefs. But Satanism doesn’t seem as bad as media makes it out to be. They don’t read as blood thirsty savages who want the world to end. They read more as a Buddhist kind of religion, except more ego based. The real purpose I wanted to write about this religion was because I know the real purpose of the religion differs from common opinion. I wanted to shed some light in that some things just aren’t what people make them out to be. Always question and research what people try to push on to you. Don’t be tricked into living a life you don’t want to live. Like how Satan would say, it is up to you to decide.

Sources of information if you wish to go deeper. I summarized a few key points as best as I can. But again, always do your own research.
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