Good morning, me!


I have been thinking lately. It is so easy to feel alone with all of the different technologies we have today. Sometimes we are just so distracted from life, that everyone we are close with start to go on their own venture. And by the time we realize what has happened, your siblings have moved far away, your best friends are married with kids, and your parents are finally free to do what they want again. You were so busy working and on your phone that you didn’t decide where your life would be. But maybe, you just don’t know how to get your life started.

“Good morning, me!”

The problem with being alone now is the many options we can use to find someone else, without leaving your home. You can take an amazing photo of yourself in your bathroom, filter out all of the flaws you see on yourself, and put up a profile on the dating app known as Tinder. You can then start looking at other people in your area who are also alone, and hope that you both swipe right (swipe left to reject a person, swipe right to approve). Quite a simple process, but not every effective. Even me, as I write this, currently have been matched with 375 people, and I only speak to 7 of them. Someone is just 1 mile away from me, who is in their home on their phone waiting for whats next.

“Is each and every cell in your whole body awake and alive now?”

These apps meant to help people connect are driving us farther apart. Facebook just gives an illusion of what other people’s lives are like, and make us feel even worse about our own. I never use to understand the point of needing a vacation, but after seeing and experiencing what growing up can be like, I now see the full reason why we need to get away. We don’t need to just get away from work, we need to get away from computers. Sometimes we just need to say food morning to ourselves, in a new place, away from distractions. Waking up on where we are in life, and deciding where we need to go next.

“You’re still me, but you’re a newer version!”

Heavy social media usage is strongly linked to depression (Full article by Forbes). And it is no wonder why. We see other people in their lives and start to compare, and you start to feel so alone. But you’re never really alone. You always have yourself, yourself from the present, yourself from the future, and yourself from the past. All 3 of them always cheering you on to keep going. Don’t get distracted by your job or your phone. Enough time away from them both can help you not feel so alone anymore. Remember, you make the actions in your life happen. A vacation doesn’t mean to travel, it can just be you getting away from everything for awhile to clear your mind.

“Am I alone, or is there a wonderful person next to me?”