15 years have passed since the terrible attack in New York city. Two planes crashed into the Twin Towers and killed thousands of people. A very serious event that has left a mark in American history. Every year since 2001, memorials are held every 9/11 for the victims lost in the tragedy. However, the newest trend coming along with 9/11 memorials are 9/11 jokes. And the jokes I see trending in social media are not from people from the middle east, but from fellow Americans.

When did the death of thousands of people become funny? Holy shit we as a generation can’t take anything serious. Meme after meme being reblogged and shared and “liked” about the Twin Towers on fire. And if you even dare try to comment on the memes making a joke out of the tragedy, you get destroyed by edgy idiots who will just call you a lame ass loser for sympathizing with the lives lost.¬†Another trendy repost going around on the internet are the 9/11 conspiracy theories. So when someone finally post a sympathetic post for the victims of 9/11, people start to comment their conspiracy theories of what they believe really happened. That 9/11 was an inside job, it was a controlled demolition, there were no planes, jet fuel can’t melt steel beams, etc etc. Regardless of what you think happened on 9/11, people still died so show some respect.

I’m really curious as to when it became cool to not care and make a mockery of tragedies. I wonder if people were like this during the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Or is it the internet that makes us numb to tragedies? Is being online in our anonymous alter ego making us assholes? When the next big tragedy happens on American soil, how long will it take to get a meme up of it.

One thought on “9/11 Is The New Meme?

  1. I wasn’t aware that 9/11 became a meme. I didn’t realize that the deaths of thousands of fellow Americans were a laughing matter. Disgusted with this development, very proud of your response. This isn’t acceptable at all.


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