Free Will And Change

Sometime last year, I had a discussion with two close friends about power. Talking about the different forms of power such as money, fame, and power over others. There is power in having money, since you can buy and own so many things in the world. You could buy someones land, business, and in some places in the world, someone’s child. ¬†Fame is power of being known. By being known, you can spread influence to others to fit your agenda. You can create trends by simply doing one action. Power over others coming from leaders, managers, police, and parents. All authority figures having power to make us uphold the rules, or deal with the consequences. These are generic forms of power that we all know and are familiar with. I wanted to play devils advocate though. I wanted to think of an argument that takes power away from only few fortunate, and bring it back to a common thing. Power that we all can have, no matter our background. The only thing I could think of is, the Power Of Change and Free Will.


My argument was very simple. We as people have the power of a free will to create change. A simple example would be, you see someone sad. So you ask what’s wrong and let them vent, and then they feel better. No one told you to go do this. This is something you decided was right, and carried through. And the result, someone went from being sad to feeling better. Or if you see a can on the ground. You know it would be better to recycle. So you pick it up and put it in a recycle bin. Easy to understand, right? These are just very small things we can do with the amazing power we all posses. But don’t think I’m going to just write these low level achievements for you to read. While thinking of more cute things people could do with their power, I started to think about what happens when people forget about their power. When they forget they can decide and change.


1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men are victims of physical abuse from an intimate partner. 34% of victims from domestic abuse needed to seek medical care for their injuries. And 1 in 15 children are exposed to domestic abuse. Why these statistics? I’ve talked to people who have been in abusive relationships. And every time, I always ask “why not just leave them?”. And it is always the same response of “I can’t”. And I’m always left confused on what they mean they can’t leave a relationship or another person. And it makes me wonder how many other victims of abusive relationships choose to stay in that situation. Part of being in an abusive relationship is to make your partner feel worthless, and that the abuse comes from a good place. And it is that kind of abuse that makes people feel like they have no power over their lives anymore. Remember, the power of free will and change is one we all have inside us. This is power no abuse can ever take away from you. Your free will is yours to use, and you can use it to walk out the door and never look back. You can decide your life needs to change to something you want, and sneak out the window when the abusive partner is asleep. You can decide your children don’t need to be witnesses to your demise, and choose to live a more powerful life. That is your power as a human being. Source: Domestic Violence Statistics, Abusive Relationships


Drug abuse and addiction is something we are told to avoid since being kids. But yet, there are still so many reports of people abusing illegal drugs. 47,055 people died from a drug over dose in 2014. But why are so many people abusing drugs? One of the more common theories is you see others do it, and you want to fit in. But of course, there are many other reasons. Some could be to relief stress. After a hard day of work or school, after dealing with so many things and being so over whelmed, you start to feel you need this escape. Maybe you have a bad memory from long ago that you want to forget. This temporary euphoria to get away from the problems of the world. You begin to grow dependent on such things. Starting to think that you can no longer function without a fix of whatever your poison is. But of course, with all addictions, your life slowly starts to fall apart. Everything you have worked up to in that moment, slowly starting to leave you. And while you know the solution is to put a stop to your addiction, you start to feel like you can’t. You are in too deep, and you are too reliant, and there is no going back. But you have power. You may not have the power to go back in time and undo the harm you have done. What you do have is the power to keep moving forward. And while moving forward, you get to pick what you want to bring with you. Will you bring your addiction with you, or will you decide to change? With your change, you will need to face your problems straight on, you will need to face your memories from long ago, and you will need to find a new way to fit in. Victims of drug abuse need to remember they have power as a living human being to change what their life will be. This is your power as someone who wants to change.


Those were a few arguments I had for power. The power to decide for yourself, the power to change, and the power to live. When I hear people talking about not having choices, and not being able to change their situation, it makes me want to remind them of how much power they have. Even you, the reader, have so much potential to be a powerful human being in your life. We live in lives so governed by rules and processes, that it is easy to forget just how much we can decide for ourselves. And yes, really doing what we want can have consequences. But not doing what you want can also have consequences. If you fucking hate your job, find a new one. If you hate where you live, move somewhere else. If you want to go to the moon, fucking do it. Don’t feel so held back by who you are, and what you have and have not’s. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting people from third world countries, and all they wanted to do was to move away and start a new life. And that is what they did. You have the power of your own free will, and the power to change your life. If you are not happy at this moment, then remember, YOU can change that.

Image credit: PhotoshopIsMyKung-Fu