The Name “Februarys”

ThisĀ image is the one I decided to be the main logo for my story telling website. This picture was in the front window of a shop next to my house in the year 2008. I took this photo with my cell phone, as the original art cost $500 and I could not afford it.

I fell in love with her expression and her eyes. The eyes were a tint of green, with dark hair, and pink lips. The tattoos on her neck coming out of her armor. Reminded me a bit of a geisha who had to turn into a samurai to protect her family. That was the story I gave her.


As for her name, I could never think of the perfect name. I didn’t want her to have a generic name like Cindy or Karen. I wanted her name to be as unique as her features. I came across the music artist known as “Lights”. Lights had unique sound tone to her music, and it was why I had her on repeat on my iPod. One song titled “February Air”. The song is extremely cheesy, but when you are a teenager, the song means a lot to you. The gist of the song being how well you know someone, and deciding to stick through the hard days with them. The name “Lights” had a nice charm to it because of the plural sound, so I took the “s” and added it to February. Since I was inspired by this image and wanted to create stories surrounding her life, I figured the meaning of the song “February Air” was the best fit.

Eventually, Februarys was taken away from the store window and I never saw her again. I never got the name of the original artist, and the store owners have no idea who drew it. All I have of her is this image I took with my cell phone. The inspiration she has given me has stayed with me all this time. I have been using the name “Februarys” for many online alias and was happy when I was able to get this domain name. In honor of inspiration, the way the original artist for the image has inspired me.